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Info: A good version of counter strike who let you play on internet or with bots. Download is fast and then you can install on disk. After installing you can play CS. A icon will placed on desktop or run counter-strike.exe from counter strike folder. To play this game your computer must have a 2.0 GHz cpu, 512 mb ram, 1 gb free disk space and a 32 mb video card. On internet you find servers with mods like: clasic, normal, zombie, basebuilder, etc. Have fun!

You can play with bots or with other players. Chose your team and then fight. You can play on maps like: de_dust2, de_infeno, de_nuke, fy_snow, de_train, de_aztec, awp_india, etc. Mods: Normal/Clasic, Respawn, GunGame, Furien, Zombie, Hide'n Seek, Deathrun, etc.


Protocol 47+48

Size: 263 MB(1-3 min to download)

Newest Engine (2016)

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8

Include Bots with good settings and all difficulties.


No ads.

Play Online, Lan or with bots.

Antivirus Tested!

Free Version, no copyrights, same version as

Download Here: Click on button, setup direct download or torrent.



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